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Having to deal with all of the emotions associated with confronting your loved one's substance abuse can be difficult. If you want assistance in handling drug intervention in Mesquite, please contact us for help.

Drug addiction is nearly synonymous with the phrase "destroyed lives." Not only are the lives of the people using drugs destroyed, but the lives of their loved ones are typically destroyed as well. The feeling of hopelessness that arises from this condition is felt by everyone involved. Addicts feel incapable of controlling their urges as well as their behavior, and loved ones experience an identical sense of powerlessness in getting through to the person struggling with a drug addiction. Everyone knows that admission into a drug intervention treatment facility can help, but no one knows how to get the loved one to see it without resorting to a formal drug intervention for addiction.

What is an Intervention?

When you stage a drug intervention for addiction, you are taking a proactive approach in getting your loved one the help needed to overcome their attachment to substance abuse. The primary goal of this type of activity is to get this person to recognize a problem exists and to offer a viable solution. Ideally, the meeting takes place in a neutral setting to avoid being entirely confrontational. You want to avoid making the person feel defensive to the point that your words are not heard. Not only must you discuss the dangers of addiction for this individual but also the repercussions felt by everyone attending the meeting. In addition to pointing out personal struggles, you must also provide a look at what life could be like without drugs.

If your meeting is successful, your loved one agrees to join a drug intervention treatment facility to get clean and sober. Voluntary admission is known to offer greater success because the individual is personally committed in trying to overcome addiction. If you would like to know more about drug intervention in Mesquite, we can answer any questions you have.

How to Stage an Intervention

Since you want your intervention to end in a positive way, it is important to begin preparing a few weeks prior to actually having it. Drug intervention for addiction is emotionally charged, meaning that everyone involved is going to have to be well rested and prepared for what is about to occur. Fortunately, preparing carefully should help you to get your loved one to sign into a our facility for treatment programs in Mesquite.

Here are the steps you need to take to stage a successful drug intervention in Mesquite:

  • Read up on the best way to stage an intervention for addiction.
  • Hire a professional who is experienced in staging this type of meeting.
  • Make a list of family members who should be included and ask them to attend, while also providing them with instructions on how to proceed.
  • Arrange for a potential placement in case you are successful. Knowing where your loved one can find a placement is essential to moving forward quickly. Consider having one or two other locations available just in case the slot at our inpatient rehab in Mesquite is taken.
  • Choose a day, place, and time for the first stage of the intervention. In many cases, it will take more than a single meeting to achieve success, particularly if your loved one has been using for a long time or has comorbid conditions that intensify the desire to remain outside of treatment.
  • Create an agenda with speakers and topics so that everyone is on the same page. This step also helps to ensure that all important details are presented.
  • Create clear guidelines regarding language, topics, smoking, and eating so that the meeting takes place in an orderly fashion.
  • Have a list of repercussions to give to your loved one should they decide not to move forward with treatment.

Who Should be Involved in an Intervention?

When you stage a drug intervention for addiction, it is important to ask people who have been directly impacted by this experience to attend the meeting. These are the individuals who have been hurt financially, physically, and/or emotionally by the addict. It is possible that you might want to bring in a religious leader to assist in this process.

Of course, it goes without saying that a professional who is experienced in drug intervention in Mesquite should also attend to promote the greatest chance of getting a "yes" to admission into a drug intervention treatment facility. Call us at (877) 804-1531.

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