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Why Is Detoxing At Drug Addiction Rehab Centers Mesquite Your Best Option?

Making the choice to detox in our drug addiction rehab centers Mesquite, is your best option because we can guarantee your safety throughout the withdrawal process. Medically supervised detox treatment was created with the intent to help those who want to stop using drugs, safely detoxify their bodies of all substances and toxins. During a medically supervised detox, clients are also provided with the resources and guidance they need for transitioning into their next line of treatment upon completion of their detox program. Although a medical detox is highly effective in addiction recovery treatment, it cannot solely treat a drug or alcohol abuse problem. We highly recommend and encourage our clients to enroll in an inpatient or outpatient rehab treatment as a means to further treat their condition. We always remind our clients that detox is just the first step in recovery from addiction and it should not be their final step in treatment.

What Happens In A Mesquite Drug Addiction Detox?

In our drug addiction rehab centers Mesquite, we provide our clients with individualized treatment plans to ensure that their detox is a success and as comfortable as possible. Everything that happens during treatment is geared towards helping our clients safely detox and manage symptoms of withdrawal. Our detox treatment plans typically consist of three phases. These three phases of detox include:

  • Evaluation: During this phase our clients are evaluated to help create an individualized detox treatment plan. Clients are also assessed for any co-occurring conditions and physical health issues.
  • Stabilization: During this phase individuals are provided with a treatment plan, which allows them to stabilize during their process of withdrawal. In this phase, clients are provided with the care, support, and treatment they need for a safe and successful detox.
  • Transitioning Into Treatment: During this phase, we begin to readily prepare our clients for transitioning into their next phase of treatment, whether it may be inpatient or outpatient rehab.

During detox at in our drug addiction rehab centers Mesquite, clients are provided with around the clock care and support. Our team of medical professionals are readily prepared to treat any symptoms of withdrawal that may arise and support you through any problems you may face during treatment. We go above and beyond to ensure each of clients has the best experience during their time of treatment.

Risks of Quitting Cold Turkey & the Importance of Mesquite Drug Addiction Detox

Many people believe that they can end their drug use problem by simply just quitting cold turkey. Although this method has worked for some, taking this route can be very dangerous. Quitting cold turkey allows for no medical supervision or intervention, which in many cases can lead to very dangerous consequences, or even death. Quitting cold turkey can be especially dangerous if you use certain drugs and have a severe drug use problem. Due to the unpredictable nature of withdrawal symptoms, your life is put at risk when you make the choice to quit using substances cold turkey. It is very important to enroll in a medically supervised drug addiction detox program when making the brave decision to stop using drugs. Taking the risk of possibly ending your life or experiencing life threatening symptoms should not be an option. Be smart and enroll in detox treatment at drug addiction rehab centers Mesquite.

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